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Pink Valentines

Creative Space in the heart of Barton Village

Studio Ethereal was created to allow photographers and videographers a space in which they can shoot multiple creative looks in one session.


With 8 sets permanently up, there's no limit to what you can shoot. Every set has been custom built from the minds behind Studio Ethereal, and change seasonly. The studio is 2500 sq feet with 11 foot ceilings, complete with a makeup and wardrobe room and bathroom. You have access to all sets during your session. Large south facing windows allow natural light to spill in all day long, complete with blackout curtains to cut out any unwanted light.


We look forward to seeing the magic you create!

**Sets do change frequently and some props may be swapped out or placed elsewhere, please check in with us before your rental if you have any questions about the current sets!


625 Barton Street East

Hamilton ON, Canada

Thanks for submitting!

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